Lunch,Dinner with Maiko

December 14, 2014

As one of old teahouse conventions, there are many events that has been offered to our regular customersonly. Today, we are happy to inform that our Lunch or Dinner (service by Maiko) will be open also to non-regular guests upon request with extra fee.
We hope that even tourists who come to Kyoto for the first time or visitors from foreign countries enjoy a time and catch a glimpse of teahouse entertainment while casually chatting with Maiko in the atmosphere of unique tradition.

DATE: ask
TIME: ask
FEE : ask
Meal and chating with Maiko
“OZASHIKI ASOBI”  Game with Maiko
Photo with Maiko

*Note We recommend that you prepare the interpreter.
*There is some cases that we can not arrange Maiko or Geiko.
*There is no Maiko or Geiko in Tsudaro.


*Special Note*
We at Tsudaro send our heartfelt prayers and condolences to all those suffering from the devastating earthquake of March 11th and it’s aftermath. At Tsudaro, we have started carrying local sake’s from the most hard hit areas as a small token of support. We have also made these sake’s particularly affordable, so as to maximize their sales. Our entire staff hopes that our efforts, however miniscule, will make a difference for the region.